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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  November 14, 2016 4:30am-5:01am PST

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here's your chance to see it. it brightened skies overnight. it's the closest moon to date in the 21st century and it won't be this close to the earth until year 2034. >> amazing. >> most people not going outside. >> i was really excited. i woke up this morning at 3:30 when it's closest to earth and brightest but you can't see it because there's too much fog. some people up north, may be able to see it dense patchy fog everywhere this morning. temperatures in the 40s and 40s and here's a look at the golden gate bridge. we'll talk more about this coming up. how the roadways with the fog? >> we're going to start here in san bruno where there was a fatality overnight on northbound 101. it was a traffic alert overnight as well and around 4:20 this morning the traffic alert was cancelled and lanes open.
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that's after the san francisco airport. now to the bay bridge toll plaza where the fog and cars are coming into san francisco now. car tee nez to the maze will take you 18 minutes -- -- cartinez. no topic was off limits when donald trump sat down for his first tv interview appearing on 60 minutes last night. he had a message for thousands of americans protesting his win. >> don't be afraid. we are going to bring our country back but certainly don't be afraid. >> trump also talked about what he plans to change once he's in office. the interview came on the same day the president-elect made his first two key appoints. henna daniels has the latest. >> reporter: his first two appointment are drawing reaction from both sides of the aisle. late yesterday republicans lindsey graham both applauded
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reince priebus's elevation to chief of staff. democrats were less enthusiastic about stephen bannon being chosen as chief strategist and senior counselor. a spokesmen for harry reid said white supreme cysts will be ists will be held at the highest level in trump's white house. >> i don't know stephen bannon so i have no concerns. i trust don't's judgment and he will pick who will best serve him. >> trump's appoint came amid his first post election interview. he stood firm on his vow to choose conservative supreme court justices who could overturn roe vs. wade. >> if it was overturned it would go back to the state. >> some women couldn't get an abortion. >> well, perhaps have to go to another state. >> but appeared to soften on
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his campaign pledge to build a wall. >> would you accept defense? >> for certain areas i would but certain areas a wall is more property. >> and a prosecutor to investigate hillary clinton? >> they're good people, i don't want to hurt them. >> inauguration day is 66 days away. henna daniels, cbs news. trump says he will only take $1 a year as a salary during his presidency. >> protests against his election are showing no signs for slowing down fact-finding fifth straight day. demonstrators took to the streets in major cities including los angeles and new york railing against the president-elect's campaign rhetoric. protests in the bay area stayed peaceful. chopper five was over the scene in downtown san francisco yesterday. a large group of people marched along market street. police walked along side them to make sure things didn't get out of hand.
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upportive and ev . >> the same group marched from civic center earlier in the day but most drivers were supportive and gave them a thumbs up. across the bay at oakland's lake merit people wanted to channel their pain into something positive. they decided it was time to hold hands. we have the chain of peace and hope that stretched for three miles. >> reporter: this is incredible. i'm a native of oakland and never seen this. >> they gathered by the thousands sh young and old and families determined to send a message. >> people are sad and upset so they want to be where there is good energy. >> reporter: and then it started. they held hands one by one. a line stretching more than three miles around lake merit.
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>> on our way here i didn't know if we would be able to stretch across the lake. there were more than enough people and it just warmed my heart and when we all held hands i just prayed we need' better world. 0. >> when everyone held hands what went through your mind? >> i felt uplifted and together we can get through this. >> reporter: several in the crowd tell me they're still feeling emotional nearly a week after the election and trying to find a way to express themselves peacefully. >> everyone is looking for something to do for some action to take so i wasn't necessarily surprised that people were out here but being here had a much bigger impact on me than i could have guessed. it is 4:35 now. a check on weather with julie. it was really foggy driving in
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today. >> i was going five miles per hour an hour there. >> you do want to give yourself extra time this morning. visibility low, just a few feet in some spots. widespread throughout the bay area this morning. let's look at the golden gate bridge where you can see cars not driving as slow as they should be. 47 in liver more and 55 in oakland. checking in with visibilities -- these are reporting stations so they could be lower or higher elsewhere but you see 0- mile visibility at half moon bay. our map only goes to .10. san jose and petaluma, same thing, just feet there. you may actually run into a wall of fog at some point where you can't see much outside of the front of your car.
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three tenths of a mile visibility and napa there so definitely dense patchy fog out the door. we will see sunshine later today. in fact, here's a look at the headlines. low clouds and dense fog mixing out today. a mix of sun and clouds and slight chance of showers beginning tuesday and continues on into wednesday and i'll time that out for you coming up in a bit. thank you, it's 4:37 let's look at your roads if you're headed out the door. the altamont pass traffic coming off 205 moving at 30 miles per hour and towards north land road, going up to ten points, 38 miles per hour. north tracy boulevard to the altamont pass taking up to 26 minutes. here's a live look at the ne miz freeway. for the san mateo bridge here, we see fog so drive carefully. 880 to 101 will take you 12
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minutes and bay bridge toll plaza, cash lane back up but otherwise, no delay into downtown. those meter lights turn on at 5:30 this morning and heading to the maze, it will take you 19 minutes. i'll send it to you. a man is behind bars in the modesto area accused of killing a sheriff's deputy. he died yesterday morning and authorities say he approached a van that had been reported stolen when the suspect inside shot him twice in the head. thousands of people gathered to mourn the 53-year old deputy last night. many said the 20-year veteran devoted his life to help the community. he coached sports and worked in schools and helped in youth programs to keep kids from drugs and gangs. >> this is where he lived and invested his time and his life. everybody knew that. >> he realized that we can have an impact on one person then
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how many more people will they touch? >> wallace was the fifth california law enforcement killed in the line of duty in the last five weeks. investigators in mend see know county are looking for five people who murdered a marijuana grower. deputies are looking for these men and women along with two other suspects who worked for the victim at a marijuana grow operation. authorities found his body on a remote property on highway 101 in lay tenville. they think the suspects beat him to death and stole 100 pounds of pot. authority ts are asking people to be on the look out for them and could be driving a blue volkswagon golf or and headed to southern california. a triple murder in oakland early friday morning. two women and a man were found dead. police say the man was fatality stabbed and the women were both stabbed and shot before someone
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set their garage on fire. the east bay times reports a woman from san jose will be arraigned tomorrow in the homicide case. san francisco firefighters are trying to figure out how a man and his dog were stuck at the beach near hang glider cliff. the fire department tweeted out these photos shortly after the rescue. the man and his dog are okay and not clear how they fell. 4:40 now. powerful aftershocks shaking new zealand this morning. more on the earthquake that sparked land slides and destroyed buildings. ,,,,
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following a 7- point-8 magnitude earthquake. the main damage was to the country's south island. two people are confirmed dead. although there's significant damage to roads s, the two people are confirmed dead after earthquakes in new zealand. there's significant discharge to roads and homes. damage to one highway has
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completely cut off the small rural town where 1,000 tourists are stranded. ws and other livesto 0. >> the quick quakes have also triggered land slides. these cows and livestock were stranded on islands as the ground ripped apart around them. france marked one year since the attacks in paris. they people floated paper lan derns in memory of the victims. the president visited each of the seven sites this weekend where islamic state extremists went on a shooting rampage last year. he placed a wreath outside the stadium and one of the places that was hit. he talked with survivors and relatives of those who died. they were the deadliest in france haste ri and 130 people were killed in the attacks. new video after two people killed near los angeles after a
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speeding bmw was ripped in half during a violent crash. it sheered a fire hydrant after colliding with a camry. it downed electric wires. crews could not get the car because of wires. the passenger and driver trapped inside, both pronounced dead on scene. a brave swimmer is trying to break a world record. >> he dove into the atlantic ocean yesterday and doesn't plan to step on dry land for the next five months. he plans to swim nearly 2,000 miles to brazil. he's been training for the last three years to be the first person to swim from continent to continent. he has crews and two boats following him. >> he will be really fit by the time he gets to brazil. >> yeah. >> wow, amazing. >> i feel like you need roberta
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to do that story justice. >> she has done the swimming thing to alacatrez but continent to continent, wow. we're going to talk about the fog out there. it is very dense and i'm a little concerned about the commute in this morning. i'm actually very concerned because fox are really slowing down on the roadways. this is a look at the golden gate bring. this car should be driving slower. right now temperatures in the 40s in livermore and 55 in oakland and san francisco and 58 in san jose. satellite shows what's coming. we're warming and the fog will dissipate later. high pressure holding steady for one more day and cooling begins as we see a weather system moving through tuesday through wednesday. we can time it out with future cast. notice the fog holds steady
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through late morning and dissipated later this afternoon. here we are tomorrow at 11:00 in the morning. we start to see the chance -- i'm going to stress the word chance -- of light showers for the north bay. clouds filling in for many of the rest of us. advancing through, not widespread rain but notice future cast painting the showers along the peninsula and in the south bay wednesday into thursday. so late wednesday into thursday and not going to rule a couple stray showers. not a huge rain event. we will see rain lite later this weekend. weather headlines showing one more fair warm day today and cooler with a chance of north bay showers on tuesday possibly lingering into wednesday. next wednesday looking wet at this point. mild out there, 60s to mid 70s for the warmest location. 72 in fairfield and 68 in rafael and 66 in san francisco today. sun after that fog burns off and then we'll see a chance of showers for tuesday and
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possibly lingering into wednesday and thursday and friday look nice and mild for us. plenty of sunshine and shower chances return and a better chance of rain on saturday continuing into sunday. rocky? >> thank you. not a ton of cars on the road but there's a ton of fog. let's look at your morning commute as you head out the door. traffic coming off 205 in tracy, you're moving at 22 miles per hour and as you head towards north glenn road, speeds up to 34 miles per hour. north tracy boulevard will take you up to 30 minutes if you're headed westbound on 580. moving to the nemitz freeway, there's some fog. 16 minutes and if you're traveling across the san mateo bridge, you can barely see there, but headlights are moving towards the peninsula from hayward. 880 to 101 will take you 13 minutes but drive carefully and slowly and the fog will blind you a bit here if you're headed
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out. to the maze will take you 18 minutes and then expect no delays as you head through the toll because the metering lights should turn on around 5:30 this morning. you're looking good otherwise. over to the golden gate bridge here, you can barely see it, 580 in san rafael it will take you 14 minutes but again, drive slowly and make sure those lights are on. for all the milk and cheese we get from cows in california, these gentle guys are causing quite a stink. >>. >> allen martin shows us why their waste is sparking so much debate. >> here's one on the right and left. >> tom keeps a running count. >> there's another one on the left here too. >> he says dairy farms have taken over his community. >> that's ten within what a call smelling distance of my home. >> ten dairies in just the last
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decade and we're not talking about mom and pop operations. >> these are milk factories. we went to 60,000 cows within five miles of where i live. >> why is that a problem? >> you might have guessed -- cow manure. >> they have the waste stream of a city of half a million people. >> most dairies don't treat their waste. they dump it into open lagoons and let it evaporate. >> it's riding in these giant lagoons. >> it's not just the smell but also the me that i know meth an gas they put off. >> they're potent climate pollutants. >> really tackling and addressing the way the dairies manage their manure would represent one of the most significant climate programs in
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the state. >> it's been a hard sale. the states offering millions of dollars in subsidiaries for dairies to enstale digesters that turn the meth an into energy but most dairies aren't applying for the grants. >> if you look across the crown try and europe, there's thousands of die jess inhibitors so this is not a new technology but it is sort of a new management practice for california's dairy farmers. >> the california dairy industry has also managed to dodge the requirements of a landmark climate bill the governor signed into law this year that calls for reduce meth an by the year 2030. on the last day of the session they added language that exefrments it until on or after 2024. then dairies would only come fly regulation are xhekly feasible. the state would have to reduce
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the goal in the strategy for the dairy and life stock sectors it gives the industry time. >> with the dairy industry group western united dairy men. >> we are losing our farms due to regulatory burdens so adding a new regulatory frame work is not something we can do overnight. >> reporter: she says the states so far are offering solutions that aren't feasible such as subsidiaries for die jess inhibitors. >> it only works if there's infrastructure there to move the gas -- -- digesters. >> reporter: it's all frustrating to farmers. >> they will just go to another state where they're not regulated and still emit the green house gases. >> reporter: the only real solution is smaller areas and fewer cows. >> we can't afford to consume as much dairy products in our diet if it's going to overheat the planet.
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>> in the central valley, cal martin, kpix 5. >> the majority of cheese in california is mozzarella produced. you have likely heard of alternative food but cars powered by beef liver? the other strange combinations making these cars go. email your nominations to us, cool schools at and we may feature your school on the show. [music] [music] [music]
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[music] we'd do anything for kids. yet 1 in 6 children in the us struggle with hunger. help end childhood hunger near you. learn how at stocks closely this morning. last week, the dow had its best week in nearly 5 years and closed at a record high after gaining 39 points friday. the nasdaq added 28. futures are pointed up. the days of buying and the dow closed at a record high last week.
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futures also pointed up. the days of buying fruits and veggies and beds in a store may soon be gone because more and more company are buying goods online. it's why amazon fresh is expanding to more than a dozen big cities in the u.s. and war bee parker can sell glasses under a dollar and a company called casper says you can buy a mattress online. casper had $100 million in sales. one customer explained why she bought into the big idea. >> i hated the feeling of walking around and testing out beds on the show room floor. it wasn't for me. >> casper is also hoping to give pets a good night sleep. the company now sells dogma tress. robots are being used for home deliveries in redwood city in a pilot program. 20 delivery ro boats delivered a box of cookies from a local
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bakery right to the customer's door. the program officially begins next month. they are guided by nine on board cameras and there's also a human human operator watching closely and they can also call police if someone tries to steal the robot. cars much much smaller than wa you will drive to work -- the chemical powered car competition is underway at the hilton union square. they were created by college students around the world. some tell us about the tin kerring involved making this run. >> ours is named after the monster's ink disney movie. >> no robes and rubber bands wound uptight, it has to be a chemical reaction i told them. >> one of the cars is powered by beef liver and peroxide.
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whoever gets their car closest to a certain mark on the floor wins $2,000. instagram is testing a live video feature to compete with snapchat and youtube. you can soon stream video to the world in realtime. no word when it will go live in the united states. it is 4:57. donald trump announces two key appointments in his administration. why there is push back this morning about his decision. following the election, there's been a lot of anger and hate out there but today some people in san francisco will try to spread messages of peace and healing.
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and it's too foggy to see it now, but the super moon brightened
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good morning, we have a live look outside. this is the golden gate bridge, it's a little hard to tell. it's so foggy out there. >> yeah, a foggy start, too foggy to see it now but the supermoon brightened skies overnight in many local areas. the closest the moon has been to earth in the 21st century. feel free to send us your supermoon pictures on our facebook page and we'll try to show a few later in the broadcast. >> i was hoping to wake up early this morning -- one of the best parts of doing the morning show is waking up at 3:00 a.m. to see the moon. >> we love that part. >> not so much this morning. it's been hidden by the fog. dense patchy fog out there and definitely making it difficult to see. give yourself extra time on the road. relatively mild in the upper 40s in santa rosa. 55 o


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